Topic : How to Charge a Laptop without a Charger ?

There are many instances when you forget to charge your laptop or are at a place where there is no switchboard or arrangement to charge the laptop, and the battery is running short fast. How to deal with such conditions? In those situations, you must know how to charge the laptop without having any arrangement for charging and to boost our work situations. Read more about How to Charge a Laptop without a Charger ?

Charging a laptop without a charger is one of the most prominent ways without damaging it. You can charge the laptop without plugging in the following ways:

With the help of movable Power Banks:

Power banks are the best form of portable power to charge a mobile phone or a laptop. Depending upon the laptop model and the voltage of the power bank, you can use it to charge the laptop to a great extent. The laptops require 8-12volts of power to charge completely. Therefore, you need a power bank that supports a minimum of 12 volts of power backup to suit the requirements of the laptop. However, the typical USB Type-C cables don’t support the charging of a laptop. But they are sufficient to charge the latest mobile phone versions. To provide a power supply to the laptop with Type-C Cables, you need a Type-C power adapter.

With the help of a Universal Adapter:

The use of Universal Adapters for your laptop can prove to be fruitful. Universal adapters can provide both alternating current and direct current power to the laptop. Universal Adapters are similar to a laptop’s original charger. It charges the laptop even when we are using it. However, there are certain precautions to it. We need to make sure that the amperage or the current transferring power from the adapter is low. If the current transferring ability of the laptop is high, then it may damage the battery of the laptop entirely by overheating it. Thus, it must be kept in mind while using the universal adapters to charge a laptop.

Using a Car Battery:

You can also use the battery of your to charge your laptop if you remain out most of the time. You can use an alternating current adapter or a power inverter to support the power of your laptop. Most appliances allow you to use the built-in pattern of a car to adjust the voltage as per the size of your minicomputer. The Alternating current adapters can adjust the voltage that a car battery gives to your system and prove helpful. You must join the AC adapter with a USB Type connector on one space and a Type-C connecter on the other space. Hence, you need to plug this charger into your laptop and make sure you don’t operate it while charging.

Using a separate battery:

While you are far from power sources, you can also keep a distinct power backup in a separate battery with yourself to charge the laptop. It is one of the easiest ways to charge your laptop while going on a business trip or when you don’t find any switches or power sources near you. You also require charging your battery from time to time. For the same, you get an external battery charger as well to support your battery life. It is one of the most convenient ways to charge the laptops while using them.

Use of Externally chargeable laptop battery:

You can also keep a spare externally chargeable laptop battery for unforeseen events to provide powerful support to your laptop. It is one of the cheapest and most vibrant ideas to charge the laptop without a charger. It is a power saver option indeed. However, while selecting an externally chargeable battery, you need to be cautious while choosing a brand-specific battery. It also has some light indications specifying battery life and status.


The above options to charge a laptop without a battery are the demand of recent times. With a shift in technological advancement, the need of the hour is to develop some products or items that act as secondary power to fuel your laptop and other electronic tools like mobile phones. Of course, the current-carrying capacity of any device and the current requirement of any technological tool depend on various factors, and you must take care of that. So this concludes the topic for How to Charge a Laptop without a Charger ?


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